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My Boston wedding photography clients value life, love and the preservation of their family history. Their visual legacy begins on their wedding day. Images don't simply sit in their computer. These wedding photographs become heirlooms for the next generation, and the one after that. These couples value authenticity and are looking for someone to capture their lives with a tender eye and an honest lens. 

I have had the honor of being named one of Boston's Best Wedding Photographers by multiple publications:

 * Top 2 Boston Wedding Photographer in 2016 by WGBH
 * Top 10 Boston Wedding Photographer of 2014 by Weddingful 
 * Top 20 Boston Wedding Photographer of 2014 by Bridebox 

I have a BA in Psychology from Williams College and a MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Emerson College.  My photography education continues to be incredibly multi-faceted, from formal courses at New England School of Photography to one-on-one training with some of the best portrait and wedding photographers in the world. I was honored to accept an invitation to speak at Inspire Photography Retreats in February, 2016 and have created and hosted multiple pro photography workshops in Boston.

I love meeting with any potential "Lifers" in person, so shoot me a note and we'll connect live.  A 20% retainer and a signed e-contract will seal the deal. Wedding investments begin at $6000.  

Incredible service before, during, and after your wedding day with a product that is uniquely you. While some photographers find inspiration in fashion magazines, I find ingenuity in my wedding couples. This makes your imaging as original as the two of you. My client relationships are absolutely precious to me. Often, we develop relationships outside of photography. These are couples I follow from engagement, to wedding, to baby, and beyond. Continuing this chronicle of your life history is what I love most about my job. 


I approach photographing couples the same way I would talking to a friend. Images should be reflections of a conversation between the photographer and her subjects or between the subjects themselves. My perspective is one of a documentarian, capturing the unique dynamics inherent to every relationship. I will put you in light that makes you look beautiful and give you a few tips along the way, but mainly I am helping to infuse a natural dynamic between you and your loved ones. Genuine emotion makes the best photograph. 

12. That's it. I limit my bookings annually in order to provide white glove service to all my clients. This isn't about just signing a contract and showing up on your wedding day, this is the first of 20 times we will work together. The first thing you receive as a KKP couple is a curated Wedding and Engagement guide, full of wedding-day tips, vendor recommendations, how-to's for your engagement, and more. Following your engagement session, we will meet in person to celebrate the images. I will walk through your venue with you (even if I have shot there before) and create your schedule for the day. After the wedding, I will take you through a show of your images and make the day come alive for you again. I want you to have the perfect experience, and that takes a tremendous amount of time and attention. 

All of my wedding clients receive a complimentary engagement session. Pretty sweet, huh? I will send you prep tips for this and we can discuss how to make it really feel like YOU. 

I pride myself on being something of an expert at putting shutter-shy folks at ease. Many times I will request information about you before our engagement session so that I can anticipate the personality dynamics and provide you with a tailored experience. Authenticity doesn't happen unless you trust the eye behind the lens. Therefore, your comfort and enjoyment is my paramount priority as your photographer. 

Most of the day, I'm trying to anticipate moments. That's the hardest and most rewarding part of my job - catching a gesture, a look, a touch - that communicates a hundred beautiful things at once. Of course, I'm trying to catch these in some lovely light and create a great composition around it.  

For weddings over 150 guests, I always bring another photographer. I only hire veteran photographers who have as much or more experience as myself, and who document in weddings with a similar aesthetic. This provides a professional grade, seamless look for your entire day. 

Once the reception has settled in, yes, I will use a flash. Sometimes one, sometimes two, sometimes on my camera, sometimes off my camera. I prefer natural light whenever possible, but I want to make sure I capture all the amazing dance moves that will happen in low light at your reception. 

As part of my wedding services, I perform walk-throughs of all venues with the couple (even if I've worked there before) within 4 weeks of the wedding. It's a great opportunity to discuss locations for formal portraits and review the schedule for the wedding day. I'm big on communication! 

I am probably overly-organized, if you can believe that. You will receive a very detailed questionnaire about 2 months from your wedding date, which covers everything from soup to nuts. After I review the details, I put together a final timeline for your day, and we schedule your venue walk-through. I have a spare of every important item that I bring with me on your day as well as lots of bridal emergency items. By the time I leave your wedding, I will have created 3 copies of every image that was taken at your wedding. All of this preparation is what allows me to sleep at night.

 Have more questions? Feel free to email me at or through my Contact page below.

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