The good news is, there’s still time to save our history, and that’s exactly why being one of my Lifers is so powerful –  

Album design? Done. Wall layouts? No problem. It’s fast, easy, beautiful, designed for a lifetime, and it lets me sleep at night, knowing that my clients and their children’s history is well cared for. 

 printing your photographs

Did you know that 42% of people no longer print photographs?

A printed image creates community and stirs in-person discussion, where phones are laid to rest, eyes meet and connections are made.

Not only will your designs be completely custom, I'll even take care of installing your family artwork for you.  So all you have to do is  

digital files are lulling our history to sleep.

When was the last time you printed a photograph?  Believe me, I know how overwhelming and time-consuming it can be. Should you design an album? Or frame the images? The thought of pulling out a tape measure and a ladder probably makes your stomach turn. And what if you order something and the colors don’t look right?  Or the print is bent?  Or you’ve managed to print everything but are worried you’ll turn your wall into a pin-cushion trying to hang it all?  I understand completely.  

As a mom, the thought of a flimsy disk representing my family feels about  

We are deeper, richer, more complex, and SO MUCH MORE vibrant than a screen could ever convey.  

It's easy to let technology feel like the safe option, but in reality, the only way to ensure the future you (and those who come after you) will have access to your photographs is through physical prints.   

sit back and enjoy them.

I craft every piece of your preservation for you.

as comfortable as sitting on tacks.

Email me at

Want to know more?

That's why I have design services to do it all for you in 1 hour.

(most cite lack of  time as the problem)

(consider yourself pinched)

To take photographs off your list and get them into your life.

Even Google’s VP is talking about the coming digital dark age, where very little will be known about who we were as a people and culture, because technology will evolve, and our memories will be left behind. None of my computers even have a disk drive anymore. Just imagine yourself in 5 or 10 years, dusting off that CD and or USB and trying to find a piece of technology that will still read it. Yikes. 

(consider yourself pinched)

We all lead incredibly busy lives, and it's easy to let printing slip to the bottom of the to-do list. So our precious family photographs hang around the cloud, waiting for someday. Well I'm here to change all that.

I'd like to talk honestly about the digital age for a minute.  I love cameras.  The problem?


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